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  • Pain in the upper or mid right side of the stomach
  • Pain is not constant, will come and go
  • Sometimes Pain in the Chest or Back
  • Vomiting and Nausea feeling
  • Fever or shivering out of cold - This signals infection in your body
  • Bowel movement changes - Frequency increases, light coloured or chalky stools
  • Urine Colour Change - Darker colour urine means bile duct blockage which is a serious problem
  • Jaundice - Yellowing of skin colour is due to blocking of bile ducts

When you face any of the above symptoms then we request you to please consult a Physician or Gallbladder Expert Surgeon who will advise you an Ultrasound for your abdomen.

Why is Gallstones formed in Gallbladder and why do we remove Gallbladder?

  • Weak digestive system will develop Gallstones
  • High Bilirubin or Cholesterol can also develop Gallstones
  • If the Gallstones remains in the Gallbladder then there is no problem
  • If the Gallstones passes the Gallbladder and gets stuck in ducts connecting to Liver or Pancreas with the intestine, a serious complication may occur and immediate Gallbladder Removal Surgery or Cholecystectomy has to be performed by the Surgeon
  • Gallstones cannot be removed from the Gallbladder Surgically
  • Gallbladder Removal is only optioned to remove Gallstones
  • Gallstones obstruct the bile to come out of Gallbladder which causes severe pain

A Gallbladder Expert Surgeon will advise you the size of the Gallstones in your Gallbladder and the severity of the problem.

Why is Gallstones formed in Gallbladder

How do we treat Gallstones?

  • Identifying the size of the Gallstones is the first step of treatment with an Abdomen Ultrasound .
  • If the size of the Gallstones is too small then you can take the risk have it pass your duct without blocking your duct
  • If the size of the Gallstones is big and since Gallstones can not be removed directly then a Surgery is the only option
  • Gallbladder Removal Surgery is mainly called Cholecystectomy in clinical terms
  • Traditionally it is Open Cholecystectomy however there is also a Minimally Invasive Surgery called Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy

Traditional Open Cholecystectomy

This kind of Surgery is the traditional way of doing a Gallbladder Removal Surgery or Open Cholecystectomy. Surgeon makes a 6 Inch i.e. 15 Centimetre incision in the the abdomen below your ribs on the right side. Then the surgeon removes the Gallbladder. The incision is then sutured. This kind of Surgery typically takes 1-2 hours in the Operations Theatre.

Minimal Invasive Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy Surgery is the advanced way to remove a Gallbladder with the help of Laparoscopic Instruments. Surgeon makes 4 incision in your Abdomen and from one of the key-hole incision they will insert the Laparoscopy Instrument, the top of which has a camera. With the help of this Camera the Surgeon is the inside of the Abdomen on the big screen and with the help of other compact laparoscopic instruments inserted from the 3 Key-holes the Surgeon then removes the Gallbladder. After this the Surgeon sutures the incision.

Four Key-hole Incision Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy

A Single Key-hole Incision Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy is done by Surgeon who has the skill to use the most advanced Laparoscopic Instruments to remove a Gallbladder with only 1 Key-hole incision at the navel. This kind is only done by most advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon. In this Surgery you will not have any scar shown on your abdomen because the key-hole will only be on your Navel which is rarely identified. This Surgery will normally take 1-2 hours too.

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