What are the Symptoms of Herniated Disc?

  • Not all Herniated Disc has any kind of painful symptoms.
  • Some may have pain in the Arms, Back, Foot or Leg.
  • Some may also have sensation like Numbness, uncomfortable tingling, burning, needles or pins in their legs.
  • Some may feel numbness in their foot & Leg and stiff neck at times.

What is the cure to Herniated Disc?

  • Herniated Disc is not diagnosed from any kind of blood test or X-Rays.
  • If you experience any of the above symptoms that may indicate some level compression of Nerve.
  • Generally Herniated Discectomy can be controlled with Physical Exercises under guidance and medication.
  • Some may need a onetime Epidural Injection for temporary relief of pain.
  • Compression of Nerve are due to various reasons, Herniated Disc being one of the major reasons.
  • The level and kind of pain helps an Orthopaedic Doctor to diagnose the reason for pain.
  • Consult an Orthopaedic Doctor if dedicated Physical Exercises & medication has no relief for 4-6 weeks.
  • Minimal Invasive Surgical Procedure is recommended post 4-6 weeks of conservative treatment has failed.
  • The Minimal Invasive Procedure is called Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy which is generally in the lower back i.e. Lumbar Spine.

What is Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy procedure?

  • Endoscopic Discectomy is to remove the part of disc which is compressing the Nerve.
  • A small key hole incision is made at the precise part of the Disc.
  • A Tubular retractor is inserted through that small incision.
  • With the help of Microscope an Endoscope Surgeon can look at the lower end of the Disc hence this Surgery is also called as Microdiscectomy.
  • And then the part of disc is removed which creates the compression of Nerve due to which the pain exist.
  • After the part of disc is removed which compressed the Nerve, incision is closed without any stitches.
  • Post a Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy patient gets instant relief from pain.

Why choose Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy?

  • Only if the conservative treatment has not worked for 4-6 weeks you should go for Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy.
  • Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy is a Non Invasive Procedure i.e. No Cuts & No Stitches.
  • It is roughly a 45 mins procedure.
  • It is done in General Anaesthesia so there is no pain during and post the procedure.
  • There is no bleeding and discomfort.
  • You can be back home after 4 hours of Procedure being completed.
  • It is an Instant Pain relief for patient with chronic pain.
  • No need to take constant pain killers post the procedures.
  • Normal day to day activity can resume after 3-4 days.

Why Choose UPHI a Wellness & Surgical Centre for Endoscopy Lumbar Discectomy?

  • We believe in identifying the perfect Super Speciality Surgeons to perform Super Speciality Surgeries.
  • We are known for choosing the Best Surgeons with rich experience in their specific Super Speciality.
  • We believe in hand holding our patients throughout their journey of inconvenience till they feel their Best.
  • We have the most advanced equipments & infrastructure to perform Minimal Invasive Spine Procedures.
  • Our Orthopaedic Surgeon and his Team has performed more than 3000 such Procedures.
  • Orthopaedic Doctors at UPHI a Wellness Surgical Centre are internationally trained on Minimal Invasive Spine Procedures.
  • Our highly qualified Nursing Staff are trained to offer care with a smile leaving no stone unturned for pain free experience.

What does our Spine Consist of?

  • The Most important part of our Spine is our Spinal Cord.
  • Spinal Cord is the group of Nerve running throughout the Vertebrae.
  • There are 33 Vertebrae which makes the Spinal Column which are aligned one above the other.
  • Vertebrae are interlocking bones which creates a Canal through which Spinal Cord passes.
  • The Nerves from the Spinal Cord branches out between every Vertebrae from both sides.
  • There are 31 Spinal Nerves reaching various parts of the body which is connected to the Human Brain.
  • These Nerves carries sensation to and fro from various parts of our body to the Human Brain.

What is Herniated Discectomy?

  • An Intervertebral Disc lies between two adjacent Vertebrae in the Vertebra Column.
  • These Intervertebral Disc allows slight movement of Vertebrae and acts like a Ligament.
  • An Intervertebral Disc consist of Annulus the Outer layer and Nucleus being the Inner Layer.
  • Annulus is the stronger layer which protects Nucleus the gel-like fluid which acts like a shock absorber.
  • When Nucleus pushes itself out from Annulus it leads to Herniated Disc.
  • Nucleus leakage pushes the Annulus which leads to Compression of Nerves.
  • Nerve Compression leads to pain in Neck, Leg or Arms.
  • Higher Nucleus Leakage leads to higher compression which leads to higher pain.
What is Herniated Discectomy?

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