When should we Remove Kidney Stones?

  • Open Surgery is more painful and takes few days to recover.
  • If the Lithotripsy is not successful to break your Kidney Stone
  • Any Stones more than 10mm should be removed.
  • Because our Urinary Tract i.e. Ureters are only 3-4mm size and Male Urethra is max 8-9mm size.
  • Maximum Number of patients get operated only when big size stones get stuck in Ureters.
  • Stones stuck in middle and lower part of Ureters are more complicated to be removed.
  • Stones are bigger than 6mm size should be removed from Kidney.
  • It is also very complicated to remove the stone from the bladder.
kidney stone surgery

PCNL Treatment for Kidney Stone

  • Process of Breaking and removing the Kidney Stone is called Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy.
  • PCNL is a Minimal Invasive Surgery i.e. a cut of only 1-1.5 cm on your back to complete the procedure.
  • A Urologist performs PCNL under the constant guidance of C-Arm to locate, Break and Remove the Stone from the Kidney.
  • PCNL Procedure is performed under General Anaesthesia so you will not be conscious.
  • A Senior Urologist who is expert in PCNL Procedure will identify the location of Stone in the Kidney.
  • Then the Urologist will insert a fine needle-like tube through the skin and into the Kidney.
  • From that Needle tube, he will break the stone into pieces and suck the stone out of Kidney.
  • If the stone is not big enough then it will simply suck it out.
  • Depending on the size and number of the stones and PCNL Treatment time may vary.
  • PCNL Treatment generally takes 1-2 hours in Operating Theatre.
  • Post the Surgery a Catheter is inserted in the kidney to pass the urine out of your kidney directly.
  • You will be hospitalised for 2-3 days and post that the Catheter is removed before your Discharged.
PCNL Treatment for Kidney Stone

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