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What are Fissure?

  • An anal fissure is termed as the small cut or crack in the lining of the anal opening.
  • It may lead to pain, bleeding while having bowel movements.
  • Patients may feel discomfort all the time.
  • Children on infants with chronic constipation are more likely to have a fissure.
  • One may see a visible crack on the anal opening.
  • Normal fissure heals in 4-6 weeks whereas chronic fissure needs treatment.
  • Chronic diarrhea, hard tools, traumatic injury, foreign body insertions are common factors causing Fissure.

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What are the Sign & Symptoms of Anal Fissure?

  • Discomfort, mild pain and itching
  • Bleeding in the stool or in toilet paper after a bowel movement
  • Visible crack in the lining of the anal opening
  • Small Lump or skin tag on the skin near the anal lining
  • Spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of your anus

What are the Causes of Anal Fissure?

  • Passing hard, large and dry stools
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea, hard tools, traumatic injury, foreign body insertions are common factors causing Fissure.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatment/Surgery of Anal Fissure?

  • No Cuts & Wounds
  • Non-Invasive procedure
  • Very Less risk of Infection
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Very Minimal Pain
  • Resume to normal routine from Next Day

Why UPHI Hospital For Fissure Surgery/Treatment?


No Waiting Time


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What are the benefit of Laser Fissue Operations?

  • Laser fissure Operation is the most advanced Anal Fissure Treatment.
  • Minimal bleeding so low risk & faster recovery.
  • As only they culprit tissues are targeted and normal tissues are speared leading to faster recovery and less complications.
  • Laser fissure gives more precision to treat the Fissure.
  • It is an FDA approved treatment by the American Medical Council.
  • Minimal Pain post Surgery for you.
  • Negligible recurrence

What is the Cost of Anal Fissure treatment?

UPHI analyze the problem deeply and accordingly, provides the treatment or surgery. To know more about the anal fissure and its treatment cost, kindly visit the UPHI- Fissure Hospital in Gurgaon. Or To know more about the cost of treatment, contact our specialized Patient Care Head Mr. Vishwa

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